S. P. Chandratre & Co.

Our Services

Our Services

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Auditing and Assurance

Our firm provides comprehensive Auditing and Assurance services, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and transparency in financial reporting.

Direct and Indirect Taxes

We provide expert guidance on Direct and Indirect Taxes, ensuring compliance and optimizing tax strategies for businesses.

Secretarial Services

Professional secretarial services offered by experienced team for efficient management of administrative tasks and compliance.

Management Consultancy

Our Management Consultancy Services offer expert guidance and solutions to enhance your business operations and drive sustainable growth.

Personal Taxation

Our personalized tax services ensure efficient management of personal taxation, helping you navigate complexities and maximize your financial benefits.

Labour Law Consultancy

Our Labour Law Consultancy services offer comprehensive guidance and solutions to ensure compliance and smooth operations for businesses.

Our Features

What’s Our Features

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Saving Strategies

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Competitive Price

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24/7 Support

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Company Statutory Audit
Company Internal Audit
Trust Audit under BPT Act
Co-Operative Statutory Audit
Co-Operative Internal Audit
Trade Union Audit
Trust Audit under Income Tax Act
Bank Branch Audit
Insurance Company Audit
Tax Audit under Income Tax Act

Certification work

 Certification under the Income Tax Act of 1961
Certificate under the GST Law
Certificate under the Company Law
 Certification for LIC, passport, credit card, etc.
Documents for banking-related requirements
Net worth certification
Attestation and certification under various other laws

Direct Tax

Income tax Representation
Income tax Return Preparation & filing

Indirect Tax

GST tax Representation
GST tax Return Preparation & filing

Other Management Services

All types of Legal drafting of deeds etc

Registraiton of Business units with Government

Labour law compliance work

Arrange working capital finance and term loans as per requirement

Analysis of Business activities and recomendation of revival services

Accounting services includes maintenance of account on clients behalf with legal compliance